POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL STORY | Taniya Singh | Josh Talks Hindi


Hindi We all live in a society that gives us opportunities, gives us hope to achieve our goals and light our path to complete our journey to success. But what if the same society just stigmatize you from the starting, putting labels on you for something that is completely out of your choice? 
Josh Talks is here with another story of struggle where it all started with the very beginning.

Being in a family without a father figure, where mother has to earn living by working where she doesn’t even want to work but that same profession was being opposed on our speaker. When life gave the slightest ray of hope as she moved in with her step father, with her younger sister; everything broke down once again. Not even step father was being exact opposite of what was needed at the moment, but authorities denied to help. When only left alternate was to run away from the city, from the society she was living or should we say, surviving; She realized that her struggle has just started. Where every struggle seemed to be the most difficult but only to be looked smaller than the upcoming one. However, Taniya, our speaker; she didn’t even overcome those obstacles but reached at the heights of success that she dreamt of.